The Home Page

Welcome to St. Luke’s Catholic Primary School’s
Virtual Learning Environment.

This site has been designed to help you continue to learn from home while our school is temporarily closed to most pupils.

This site is designed to make your learning at home as simple and as productive as possible. However, this is a new site so if you have any problems or find something isn’t working as it should do, please let us know by using the submit my work or send me a message‘ form.

Before you dig in and start using this site you need to watch a short, five minute video in which we show you how to access your learning materials, complete your activities, and submit them to your teacher. Please follow the link the link below to access the video.

Click the above link to access the ‘Getting Started’ video

Of course, if you have already watched the video you can login now, directly from the link in the menu bar.

Good luck using the site. We hope you have fun learning.

Mrs Alcock