Class 1: Will you read me a story?


Phonics Year 1

Learn to read and spell words with the following Sounds. Work through each PowerPoint, reading the words. Try to remember the sounds.

Maths Year 1

Subtraction/Take Away/Find the Difference. Work through the sheets. We have used different methods in class. Can you use your mental maths skills? Do you have to work it out or do you just know the answer? Count up or count backwards to find the answers.

Literacy Year 1

Handa’s Surprise. For the next 2 weeks we are celebrating Black History Month. As part of this we are using Handa’s Surprise as our Literacy Text. Please listen to the story, together from the attached YouTube page.

Using the Word Mat, to support your spellings, write what happened in the story. I have attached the pictures from the story to support each sentence. Remember to add interesting adjectives. I would expect this to take a couple of days.

Once you have written the story. Make your own Handa’s Surprise Setting (see attached) Then use adjectives to describe the setting you have made. Have fun making your own setting.

PM Work Year 1

World Mental Health Day. Say Hello, Wear Yellow! Can you take a photo of you wearing yellow for World Mental Health Day? We have talked a lot about looking after our bodies healthy and today was all about keeping our brains healthy too. Please learn the words and actions to the song – It’s Good To Be Me.

World Mission Day. RE – World Mission Appeal

Pope Francis said “What’s My Mission?” What could your mission be? My Mission in water drop. I will………… Can you take Photos of you helping at home?


Rules, Rewards and Consequences.

If you were in charge of Class 1, what Rules, Rewards and Consequences would you have in our class? Make a poster showing us your ideas.

Topic Work

Build a Bridge that will hold a toy character of your choice. You are going to make a bridge strong enough to carry a toy  character. You will need to plan the bridge before you make it.   What will you need to make your bridge? How will you make it? Take a photo of your bridge.


Have a go at playing some games on Numbots. You have the log in details, in the letter that you took home on Friday. See how many coins you can collect.


Keep reading! Cereal packets, food packets, your own books from home, washing labels on clothes, recipes, absolutely anything!


Count forwards and backwards to 20 then to 100. can you cross the 10’s, without help?