Class 1: Do Cows Drink Milk?

This half-term our topic is ‘Do Cows Drink Milk?’

What animals live on a farm?

What crops grows on a farm?

In this topic we will find out the answers to these questions as well as find out how animals and the same or different. We will look at some of the machines used on farms and think about the sights, sounds and smells of a farm. We will also think about why it is important to wash and dry our hands after touching animals or crops.

Week 3:


Please work through a sound a day, reading and writing each sound. See resources from week 1 to help with this. In addition, this week our focus sound is ‘igh’.

It is also very important to read regularly at home. To access free e-books see resources in week 1.


Look in your garden or out of your window, what can you see? This week’s writing task focuses on the tricky words found in our gardens.


How many different ways of making ten can you find?

Online safety

Week 1:


Please work through a sound a day. Reading and writing each sound. Each new day, review the sounds already taught. What words can you find with that sound?


Please continue to read regularly at home. Reading is the most important thing you can learn to do. Click the button below to access free e-books


Do you know the names for parts of a bird?  Can you describe how a bird moves?  Can you describe how a bird sounds? Use the short animation video ‘For the Bird’ to explain what you liked and disliked about the film using these words.

Write a letter to the lazy Farmer, as if you were the Duck. Tell him how you feel and why it was unfair that you had to do all the work. What else would you say to him?


This week we are looking at addition facts using a maths ladybird. Click on your year group button to take you to your activity.

Additional activities

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