Class 3

This half-term our topic is:

Wonderful World

We will be learning about the continent of North America. This fortnight we will be looking at the history of North America and the Mayan and Aztec people. Get your glue out – this is a creative couple of weeks! I will put all the activities up over the next few days to keep you going until July…

Don’t forget to look for your maths activities on the Year 3 Maths page – this week it is angles, horizontal, vertical, parallel and perpendicular lines.

Online safety

We have created a new online safety page which you can access from the black menu bar above. Each week this will be updated with new online safety activities to help you continue to stay safe online. The content realates to our continuing use of online technology, media and platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Final Week

On this, our final week, I am letting you choose. I would like you to choose three of the following areas to research, then a person from your research from each of the areas to look more closely at. You then need to choose how you are going to present your learning for each of the people you have chosen. For example, if you chose a person like Neil Armstrong, you might want to build a rocket, or do a moon landscape, with the landing pod and a flag planted on the moon after the astronaut had walked on the moon for the very first time! If you chose the artist Roy Lichtenstein you could do a great big piece of cartoon artwork like his masterpiece Wham!

Here are your choices:

A great American/Canadian artist An American president An American/Canadian composer An American/Canadian musician An American/Canadian trailblazer (someone who did something for the very first time in History) An American/Canadian actor (male or female) An American/Canadian hero (a real person, not from a comic or film/TV series!)

Have fun! I look forward to seeing your creations 🙂

This week we will be looking at the countries of North America, their capitals and comparing the human and physical features of North America with South America. I have thrown in a couple of games and puzzles to keep you thinking!

Choose a picture of a North American landscape – it could be anywhere, such as Mount Rushmore, Yosemite Park, The Statue of Liberty, the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, The Canadian Rockies, anywhere. Break it up into different parts and choose colours that represent each feature. Then doodle! Fill each area with a different pattern and have fun! Whatever you create will be spectacular!
Here are some Aztec hieroglyphics… If you were in charge of the Aztec language, what English words would you like to see in hieroglyphics? What pictures would you draw for each word? Make your own hieroglyphic dictionary!

Find out all about Christopher Columbus. Who was he? Where did he discover? When did he make his HUGE discovery? Make a poster all about him, with pictures of his ship, his journey and what he found.