Traiders and Raiders


In the first few weeks of this half-term we will be learning information to write a report on the Anglo-Saxons.

First, look at this report on the excavation at Sutton Hoo. What structural and language features can you find?

Now that you have done that, write a letter to an archaeological friend of yours imagining that you are Basil Brown, the lead archaeologist who discovered the ‘treasure’ buried at Sutton Hoo. Tell your friend about what you have found and how you feel about what you have found.

Once you have done that, look at the sentences in the document below and sort them into paragraphs of relevant information. Can you write suitable sub-headings for each paragraph?


This week, we are learning about time. Watch the videos and complete the activities available from . More maths activities can be found on purplemash.

This week is also Maths week, make sure you are accessing TTRockstars as it is competition week.

Science: Forces

This half-term we are learning about forces. Learn about forces on the bbc.