The ‘Getting Started ‘ Video

As we mentioned on the home page, this site has been designed to help you continue to learn from home while our school is temporarily closed to most pupils.

Please watch the video below to see how to use this site. To help ensure that you won’t be disturbed, the video lasts for just over five minute. Please set aside that amount of time to watch through it, so that you can concentrate. It may be useful to have a pencil and paper handy before you start, to take any notes.

A tip: as soon as you start the video it is a good idea to click the little square in the bottom right corner of the video. This will make the video full screen and it will be far easier to see what you are being shown. To get out of full screen mode simply click your Esc button (usually top right of your keyboard).

Now that you have watched the video your next task is to log in. The video showed you how to do that, using the login button from the top menu.

This site is designed to make your learning at home as simple and as productive as possible. However, this is a new site so if you have any problems or find something isn’t working as it should do, please let us know by using the submit my work or send me a message‘ form.

Mrs Alcock