Why do Zebras Have Stripes?

Week Beginning 9/11/20

All Children

Remembrance Day. Using the following film, think about and discuss the effect War had on children and animals.  Learn about why we wear a poppy. Can you make your own Poppies and display them in your window? You could use paint or collage. I would love to see your photos. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b04p4zsl/poppies  

Friday is World Kindness Day. Can you write a list of 5 things that you will do to be kind and helpful both at home and at school? An adult can scribe your ideas and you could draw them.

Continue to learn your sounds and ‘Tricky Red’ Words. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvMyssfAUx0                https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R087lYrRpgY


What is the same about the members in your family or who you live with? Do you have the same eye colour? Hair colour? Discuss.  Can you write 1 thing that is the same as someone in your family or who you live with.

The Way The Truth and The Life

We are all loved by God. We are all part of God’s family. God loves that we are all different and special. We show our love for God, by helping others. What do you do to help others at home and in school? Discuss and record your ideas.


Look for pictures of different animals and/or toy wooden or plastic animals. How would you sort them? Why? Did you sort them into fish and birds? What about the other animals? How would you sort those? However you sorted them, can you explain to an adult why you sorted them like that? Adults please encourage the vocabulary – birds, fish, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Photos are welcome of how your child sorted the animals.


LONDON. Find out all you can about London. Why is it an important city? What is it the capital of? What does London have that we in Telford don’t? Can you draw/write about what you have learnt?

YEAR 1 Literacy

Listen to or read the story Dear Zoo. Discuss the different reasons why the pets were not suitable. Over the week, write your own book, using different animals. What reasons will you give for the pet being unsuitable?

EYFS Literacy

Listen to or read the story Dear Zoo. Draw and have a go at writing initial sounds about your favourite animal in the story. can you say why it was your favourite? Draw and label the animal. Can you research, with an adult, the correct vocabulary? e.g. claws, trunk etc.  

YEAR 1 Maths

Place Value to 20. Make different numbers in different ways. Learn that 13 is 1 ten and 3 ones. 11 is 1 ten and 1 one. The best way to show this at home is to use a stick as the 10 and something small, like pasta, pebbles etc for the ones. How many can you see? can you use the example below to make your own using numbers to 20? How many can you find?

EYFS Maths

Learn to Read, Write and Count numbers to 20. Choose a number card – read the number and make it using objects (dried pasta is great for this). Show me how you can make 5? Show me how you can make 3 etc.

Read, Read and More Reading! Read anything you can.

Week Beginning 2/11/20



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSlA-u_ABmU Subitise to 5 song.

Encourage your child to join in with the song. Using the song as a guided to learning – Counting objects to 5. How can you show up to 5 in different ways? Use buttons, pieces of dried pasta, coins etc place on table and ask your child to say how many.. Did they need to count or could they just tell that there was 4 or 5? how can you show 2 in different ways? eg next to one another horizontally and vertically, with large gap. How can you show 5? eg next to one another horizontally and vertically, with large gap, like on a dice etc. This can be done over the course of the week. Keep practising each day until it becomes second nature.

Read and write numbers to 20. Play snap/pairs games with number cards. Choose a number card, read the number and using dried pasta (or similar) can they count out the correct number of objects? Keep practise each day until it becomes secure.


Go on a Safari! Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46eP0eRUFv4 Safari in Kenya. Look at all the animals we will see. Discuss as the film goes along. Dress up in your camouflage clothes and venture outside and see if you can find any wild animals. (Adults please hide any small animal toys you have or pictures of animals that your child can find!) I’d love to see any photos of your Safari adventure!

What can you find out about the animals you saw on Safari? Choose 1 animal and draw it and write a phrase about the animal. Can you use initial sounds? Tell an adult what you wrote, so they can scribe it for you.


Maasai jumping competition. Outside with music playing, have your own jumping competition. Watch the You Tube video for inspiration. Can you find some music to play, whilst you’re jumping? Please film it! Have fun.



Draw or paint a picture of your favourite Safari animal. There are drawing programmes on the CBeebies Website, that you might want to explore.


Read or watch the book/story Room on a Broom. Can you use things from the garden and the kitchen cupboards and make your own potions? What does each potion do? Can you make a potion that will make you really tall or a potion that will give you lots of sweets and chocolate? What will you wish for?